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Awardees of the 2021 SIBECOL and AEET Early Career Projects

Martes 11 Enero 2022

 We are pleased to announce that resolutions of the calls for research projects in Ecology led by early career researchers, launched by SIBECOL and AEET for the year 2021, are now available.
The reviewers of both calls have highlighted the outstanding quality of the received proposals, which has made the selection of the awarded projects very competitive. We sincerely thank all the participants of this call and encourage them to continue working to pursue high scientific standards with enthusiasm and creativity.
Second call of SIBECOL Projects for Early Career Researchers – 2021
The aim of this call is to support early career ecologists by providing them funding opportunities, fostering the collaboration among them and promoting multi- and interdisciplinary research in Ecology.
Awarded projects:

11th Call AEET-SIBECOL Projects for Early Career Researchers - 2021
The aim of these grants is to support researchers in the early stages of their careers, giving them the opportunity to develop their creativity by launching a small individual project, with its own entity, well focused and of proven scientific quality, projects for which they would rarely find financial support outside the scope of other larger group projects.
Awarded projects in exaequo (in alphabetical order of IP by group):

More information available here 
Congratulations to the winners! Good luck with your projects!

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