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SIBECOL has awarded two prizes at the ISMS

Wednesday 8 July 2020

SIBECOL has awarded two prizes for the best oral communications by young researchers at the Online VIIInternational Symposium on Marine Sciences between 1st to 3rd July 2020 and organized this year by the University of Barcelo

The winners are:
- Mercè Cisneros, in recognition of the excellent talk: “Proxy validations with present-day data of deep-water formation during the last 2500 years in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea” 
- Daniel Gómez-Gras, in recognition of the excellent talk: “Population collapse of habitat-forming octocorals in Scandola marine protected area: the long-term study of gorgonian populations affected by the 2003 extreme warm summer” 
The jury has been composed by the Sibecol members Cèlia Marrasé, Lucía Pita and Cristina Linares and the members of organizing committee of the symposium Creu Palacín and Anna Sánchez.
If you would know more about it, enter to ISMS

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